Collection: Magical Wizardry Party Collection [1356]

Prepare to be enchanted with our Magical Wizardry Party Collection! It's time to unleash your inner sorcerer and cast a spell of fun with our handmade personalized lip balm favors and printed hand sanitizer labels that will make your party truly bewitching.

Get ready for a lip-balm sorcery like no other with our Enchanted Lip Balm Favors. These little tubes of magic will keep your lips spellbindingly soft and irresistibly kissable. With a variety of bewitching flavors to choose from, it's like a lip balm potion class for your pout! And don't worry; we'll personalize them with your name or mystical moniker because even wizards deserve some personalized lip care.

But wait, we have something to wave away the germs too! Our Printed Hand Sanitizer Labels will keep your hands clean and pure as a wizard's intentions. Just grab your trusty Bath & Body Works® PocketBac® 1oz sanitizer bottle (not included), attach our enchanting labels, and voila! You've got sanitizers that are as magical as a flick of a wand.

So, whether you're hosting a Harry Potter-themed soirée or a magical birthday celebration, our Magical Wizardry Party Collection is here to make your event truly spellbinding. Get ready to pucker up, clean up, and work your wizardry because this collection will have everyone saying, "Abraca-lip-bra!"

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